Lost in a Vortex

We didn’t come in search of vortexes, but we were game for anything.

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Social Code, Chapter 1 — The Addetti

A stranger warns nov019 of the Addetti's plans for solving an unfathomable problem.

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Quicker if You Come by Boat

“Quicker if you come by boat,” she would say, and then she would hang up. We always drove.

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Angles, Curves, and Glass

A remarkable tower and a profound architectural non-sequitur.

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Thanks, Larry

A good way to leave is to leave a good impression, and Larry Wheeler is doing just that. On September 22, friends, donors, artists, and other cultural enthusiasts joined Larry at…

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The Artful Deference of David Bowie

David Bowie's respectfulness defined him as a human being.

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Bouldering with David Lee Roth

David Lee Roth's one-liners kept coming at machine-gun speed.

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World Population Growth: 14 Million Percent

How will we run society as population growth threatens survival?

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Social Greed

Klout is kaput, says the company that bought it and shut it down. Here's why.

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The Generation Gap Between My Teeth

The future is moving toward this generation more quickly than any other in history.

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