Keeping Records — Chapter 4

Aunt Louise, her Wurlitzer, and the power of harmony inspire Dal. (6 min)

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Keeping Records — Chapter 3

The city provides an exhilarating backdrop as Dal steps into its music scene. (6 min)

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Keeping Records — Chapter 2

A history of the town emerges before Dal leaves for New York City. (9 min)

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Keeping Records — Chapter 1

Dal looks back at his hometown of Stony Gap, NC, and to his musical beginnings. (4 min)

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Social Code, Chapter 3 — The Five Levels

Provi tells nov019 about the Five Levels of Accepting the Truth.

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Social Code, Chapter 2 — Provi

nov019 learns the two search terms that will change his life forever.

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The Evolution of Privacy

In today’s open and connected world, we’re negotiating a new understanding of privacy. Many of us aren’t ready for this evolution.

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When the CD Bumped Into the Internet

It’s been 20 years since the record industry began asking itself, “What the hell do we do now?”

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Facebook and Thoughtless Opportunism

Our personal thoughts we share on Facebook belong to Facebook and its corporate partners.

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That Would Be Your Edinburgh

Run to it, kitty, run, run. That would be your Edinburgh, its roofless chapel where I lay down to sleep as the angels watch me through the night.

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