Author. Humanist. Scamp.

I created this site because several friends asked me to. “You should start a blog!” And I’m like, “I couldn’t possibly. Okay!” It’s called Ian’s Ink, and on it you’ll find short bursts of fiction along with recollections and other, sometimes outrageous, commentary.

Short Bursts of Fiction

Some bursts are really short, like a piece inspired by a trip years ago to a performing arts festival in Edinburgh where I felt as though angels were peeking over my shoulder (you’ll see why in the pictures). Some are a little longer. Some, like “Social Code,” are part of a series. And then recently, I began releasing the early chapters of my first novel, Keeping Records, which I’ve been noodling on for way too long. The photography on the site is mine, and in some instances I’ve used it to inspire my fiction. 

Outrageous Commentary

Hey, we all have opinions. And mine are no less outrageous than anyone’s. These are my contributions to the noise, though I try to come in above it. I also share recollections of things that happen along the way. As fortune would have it, I found myself in three industries as they reached their pinnacles: the recording industry in the 90s, the housing industry in the 2000s, and elearning in the 10s. I’ve had my share of adventures, and I recall them with as much pomp as possible.


I’m passionate about digital leaps forward. I find great joy in those moments when technology disappears into meaningful and enriching experiences. I write about our joys and challenges, our potential, our goodness. Our badassness. And in a time when the accelerating rate of change in technology is drawing the future toward us more quickly than at any time in our history, I think of rational ways forward as we address our common needs.

I hope you enjoy the short bursts of fiction and outrageous commentary! And please subscribe for new pieces when they’re published.

Ian Huckabee