We needed a break. My wife and I chose Sedona, Arizona, not because we have any particular interest in the metaphysical, but because we’re suckers for the decompression that happens in places of enlightenment, natural healing, and spiritual awareness. We had just implemented a new brand platform for the elearning business she and I started three years earlier, and business had really picked up. Scaling to accommodate new clients and bigger projects — new systems, defining processes, and training — had us flat exhausted.

Unfortunately, for the four days we were there, we only had one day away from work. But the good thing is on that day we got lost for hours in a vortex.

The day started with a trip to Canyon Outfitters where we picked up hiking shoes, his-and-hers Kuhl hiking pants, a cap, and a knapsack. Next, we pulled into Wildflower Bread Company to stuff a couple of their all-the-rage sandwiches into our knapsack. Then we headed to a trailhead somewhere, parked, and began our hike.

Again, we didn’t come in search of the vortexes. And I’m not sure we felt the mysterious cosmic forces emanating from the red rocks, but our expectations were low and we were game for anything that might happen to us. We stopped and had lunch on a soft ridge — perhaps I did feel a spiral of energy from that replenishment — and we looked out over the stunning array of red, rocky spires. When we continued hiking, instead of retracing how we had come we decided to loop around to where we had parked. I guess we chose wrong at several forks in the trail (perhaps the vortex chose for us) because we got really lost. But pleasantly, and with plenty of daylight. And whatever was guiding us kept me from thinking about work at all.

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